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Prospective Brokers
At the core of the Strategic’s business model are our brokers.  We accept business from specialized, pre-qualified, and licensed retail insurance brokers.  Strategic continues to evaluate new relationships in an effort to compliment our current production base as well as add value to the programs and the insurance companies we represent.
If you are interested in marketing one of our programs, please complete the attached Broker Questionnaire and submit to Strategic for review.
Click here to download the Broker Questionnaire

Current Brokers

Strategic offers brokers a Direct Bill option for qualified accounts.  Direct bill services include:

  • State of the art website interface
  • Customized invoice and envelope branding with electronically scanned return payment coupons
  • Available Electronic Payment resource via ACH and Credit Cards
  • Secure Lock-box processing with automatic stops for cancelled accounts, preventing post-claim deposits on cancelled risks.
  • State compliant legal notice generation for non-payment of premiums

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